Taking good care of a family member as they go the process of chemotherapy may look like an overwhelming task. There are many things you need to expect when your love one goes home after chemotherapy. He or she might experience nausea, hair loss, and other disagreeable side effects. They will surely need your assistance to get through. 

The harmful effect a lot of people imagine when they visualize chemotherapy is hair loss that could be shocking for the one in treatment. On the other hand, it is just as essential for you assist manage some common harmful effects of this treatment like vomiting and nausea, an improved risk of bruising and bleeding as well as an improved threat of infection. 

  • Once your loved one experience vomiting and nausea, give him or her smaller meals all through the day. You can also give him or her simple snack so he could eat once he feels starving. Also encourage him to keep hydrated by giving a small sip of water, juice, clear and cool fluids. In case nausea is troubling him, ask the physician when there are medications accessible to assist control it. 
  • Once he bruise or bleed easily, help keep him from getting cuts. Also remind him to keep away from physical activities which may cause him to bruise. You can purchase a spongy bristled toothbrush to stop bleeding gums. You can also purchase electric razor which will lessen the possibilities of cuts while shaving. Clean thoroughly any scrapes and cuts which you see and use an anti-bacterial ointment. Call a doctor when you see that a scrape or cut is bleeding too much. 
  • Once he is at high risk for disease, it is a smart idea to stay things free from germs as possible so, they do not get sick. Keep shared areas sanitized and clean. Ask family and friends who have lately been ill to only visit through phone. Pay close attention to the safety of food, make sure the food is cook properly and carefully and serve cold foods cold and hot foods hot to avoid food-borne bacteria. 

Handling these harmful effects of undergoing chemotherapy is very much essential. However there is another thing a caregiver must be aware of, you might need to follow some safety precautions therefore the chemo  pills and tablets in your loved one’s system does not affect you. For a couple of days after chemo treatment, you have to stay away from coming in contact with his bodily fluids when possible. 

In case you need to clean up his vomit, it is a smart idea to use a disposable glove and afterwards wash hands properly. Also you need to ensure that you wash soiled bed clothes or sheets separately from other sheets, and throw away any sanitary stuff like adult diapers, pads, in a double garbage sack. If you believe you may exposed to chemotherapy drugs as you are assisting your loved one, call a doctor. They could help ensure you and your loved one keep safe as the chemo treatment continues.