In-Home Care For Veterans: Our Partnership With The Phoenix VA Hospital

At Compassionate Assistance, we are committed to providing our clients with the best care possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Phoenix VA hospital to provide our veteran clients with Home Respite and Homemaker/Home Health Aide Services, for absolutely no cost to the veteran.

If you’re a veteran or you are trying to provide care for a loved one who is, here are the services we offer through our partnership with the VA hospital, as well as an eligibility guide to ensure you are able to receive these services.

How to Work With Compassionate Assistance Through the VA:

In order to find out if you’re eligible for home care services, you would have to see your Primary Care Physician (PCP) at the VA hospital. From there, you would be assigned a home care provider. If you already know you want to work with Compassionate Assistance before you meet with your PCP, you can request Compassionate Assistance as your home care provider.

Homemaker & Home Health Aide Services

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Services (H/HHA) are personal care and related support services that enable frail and disabled Veterans to live at home.

Through Homemaker Services, a Compassionate Assistance caregiver would provide assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (IADL’s).

Our caregivers help to keep our clients’ homes safe and running smoothly by assisting with common homemaking duties such as bed-making, vacuuming, laundry, sweeping, dusting, and general household organization. In addition, we believe that good nutrition is vital to a healthy quality of life. Our caregivers can help plan out menus, shop for the necessary supplies, and cook and prepare meals as requested.

A Home Health Aide would provide assistance with Activities of Daily Life (ADL’s). This means that we will assist clients with mobility, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, exercising, medication reminders, in addition to other services so they can stay independent in the comfort of home. Our caregivers provide compassionate care with dignity and respect.

Homemaker & Home Health Aide Services Eligibility:

To be eligible for either of these services, a consult can be placed by your VA provider. As a client, you have to meet one of the follow criteria to be eligible for either homemaker or home health aide services:

  • 3 or more ADL dependencies
  • Significant cognitive impairment
  • Requires H/HHA as adjunct to home hospice
  • 2  ADL dependencies in addition to 2 or more of the following:
    • Dependency in 3 or more IADL’s
    • Recently discharged from a CNH
    • 75 years old or older
    • 3 or more hospitalizations, or utilized clinics or 12 or greater ED visits within the last year
    • Diagnosed with clinical depression
    • Lives alone in the community

Even if you or your loved one does not meet the above criteria to receive coverage by the VA hospital, we would be happy to work with you privately to provide you with the services that you need.

Home Respite Care

Respite care services are personal care and supportive services delivered in the home setting, nursing home, ADHC or assisted living for purpose of temporarily relieving caregiver(s) of care-giving duties. We provide families with temporary relief from their roles as caregivers in whatever capacity works best for them. We ease their load so they can get the rest they need to recharge. This offers you the chance reduce stress, restore energy and also keep your life in balance.

Home Respite Care Eligibility

There is currently a 30 day per year limit on home respite care that also has a limit of up to 6 hours per day. To receive these services under the VA hospital, the client must:

  • Have a VA provider enter the required order/consult
  • Veteran patient must have a need for a caregiver in the home setting

We would love to partner with you to provide the highest quality, compassionate in-home personal care to your loved one. Reach out to speak to one of our care managers today.