Compassionate Assistance is a concierge home care agency started by CEO, Carl G. Santoro with the inspiration of caring for his younger brother who grew up with Down Syndrome. Inspiring the next generation workforce has been the main focus for Carl and his team for over last few years. This is done through philanthropic events and services supporting the local healthcare and senior communities in Scottsdale, Arizona. High employee engagement at Compassionate Assistance has to lead his millennial staff to create a truly winning environment and culture of success. He lives to serve and to give back to his community.  Great leaders, like Carl, always note experiencing personal satisfaction when they have the opportunity to engage with their employees and when they have the ability to help their community flourish.

The following are 6 ways that Compassionate Assistance inspires youth and helps its community succeed:

  1. Purpose- providing care at Compassionate Assistance is focused around purpose. All employees have the main job of being a caregiver. Compassionate Assistance’s mission is to enable individuals to live independently and with dignity in their own home.  They strive to do so by elevating the standard of in-home care to improve the long-term health, safety, and happiness of individuals.
  2. Mentorship- as the CEO, Carl provides 1-on-1 mentorship to every one of his employees. Carl says “To become a strong leader, you cannot do it alone. I focus on successful outcomes that offer a greater impact to the organization both internally and externally.”
  3. Opportunity- At Compassionate Assistance there is no ceiling to the opportunity that is given. They sponsor 3-5 events weekly at senior communities and nursing schools to be able to give back and show others how truly different they are as a company. Events include live arts and crafts, Q&As, ice cream socials, to live music performed by one of their talented employees.
  4. Incentivize- Mr. Santoro uses resources to integrate education into the expansion of his business, he looks for opportunities to reward his team for providing patients with exceptional service. Caregiver spotlights are conducted monthly which showcase their top caregiver who performed best that month. For his internal staff there are daily and weekly competitions when it comes to on-boarding new clients. This creates a sense of competitiveness around the office, however, it is a full team effort.
  5. Technology- By investing in the top technology for healthcare, it is beneficial for Compassionate Assistance employees to stay up to date. Caregivers need to arrive at patient shifts feeling prepared. Knowing critical details about the shift and specific client needs are very important. With Compassionate Assistance’s mobile app, caregivers can log in from anywhere to access driving directions via Google Maps and daily, weekly, or monthly shift details.
  6. Engagement- high engagement rates with caregivers and internal staff is detrimental to Compassionate Assistance’s success. If employees are not engaged in what is going on they will leave and go to another company. Creating high employee engagement is needed to retain their existing millennial staff while at the same time being able to attract and hire new ones. Carl empowers his staff by assisting and mentoring them to become confident. In every weekly meeting, he asks and supports their input on current and important issues going on. This creates a work environment with high engagement.

More businesses are developing programs that help their community thrive. If your business would like to share how you are making a difference locally and how you are providing opportunities for students to learn about your industry, feel free to contact us at [email protected]