Home care generally refers to assistive (or medical) care for patients who do not require hospitalization or facility care, but do need additional support to live safely at home. The largest segment of home care involves assisting individuals with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Such help is carried out by caregivers, or other licensed or unlicensed non-medical personnel. In the U.S., most of those receiving home care are over 65 years old, with approximately 96 percent requiring assistance with bathing.

Compassionate Assistance is a family-owned, non-medical home care provider. Compassionate Assistance is the home care solution offering innovative, science-based approach to aging, elevating the standard of care for seniors everywhere.

We recently interviewed Healthcare Influencer Carl G. Santoro of Compassionate Assistance to know more about Compassionate Assistance and home care sector in general. Carl is a results-oriented business executive with over 10 years of consistent high performance. Carl has a proven ability to establish, teach, and execute business initiatives as well as manage sales and marketing campaigns that resulted in substantial growth over the years throughout the United States. Carl is a very well respected young leader who obtained his MBA while opening an office in Arizona. He has practical experience and excellent interpersonal skills.

Carl, what motivated you to go ahead with the idea of Compassionate Assistance.

My entrepreneurial ambitions were sparked by me caring for my younger brother, Joseph, who has Down Syndrome, his entire life. From first-hand experience, I knew what it meant to provide top quality care and therefore, It is my mission to raise the bar on the quality of care provided in the Healthcare Industry. The team at Compassionate Assistance is dedicated to providing the highest quality, compassionate in-home personal care to families with loved ones that are chronically ill, disabled, or aging seniors.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in the home care sector given the type of operational challenges this sector has?

The most difficult challenges we face every day are providing care for those who cannot afford it. Through our continuing efforts, we are starting a not-for-profit organization that will donate the funds to those who are transitioning from hospital to home and cannot afford services for care.

What differentiates you from other similar service providers?

At Compassionate Assistance, we are here to serve you and your family when you need us most. We provide personalized care to help you or a loved one live well where most seniors prefer: at home. Our mission at Compassionate Assistance is to enable individuals to live independently and with dignity in their own home. We strive to do so by elevating the standard of in-home senior care to improve the long-term health, safety, and happiness of individuals.

Elderly people face various challenges in their day to day lives. How does Compassionate Assistance make their lives easy?

Providing our clients loved ones complete peace of mind knowing they are being taken care of by a trained and compassionate caregiver. Care is provided on an hourly, daily or temporary respite basis. We support basic activities of daily living and also more advanced care. We help with the transition from a hospital or rehab facility to home. We can also provide care for specialized conditions such as stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

Originally posted on ‘Time of Startups’