Drug Treatment Center Beverly Hills

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Drug Treatment Center Beverly Hills

Trust the Top Drug Treatment Center in Beverly Hills

Addictions are challenging conditions for individuals. This disease affects people damaging them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Few people have managed to get out of this challenging situation on their own and lead a full and happy life.

The wisest thing to do is to seek professional help. In that sense, a leading Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center is the ideal choice. There are different alternatives in the area, but the greatest option is 90210 Recovery. You must know the reasons that make us the best drug treatment center in Beverly Hills, and why you should choose us.

Top 5 Reasons Why 90210 Recovery is Your Best Choice

  1. Approach

Most available rehabilitation centers use the 12-step method for the recovery of their patients. However, evidence shows that it may not be the best alternative. In 90210, we have a completely different perspective. Our method of recovery is the combination of three factors: medical detoxification, rehabilitation itself, and mental healing.

Concerning treatment, therapists use evidence-based therapy to achieve recovery. The goal is to profoundly investigate the causes of the addiction and apply different therapies to overcome them.

  1. Tailored Solutions

There is no specific cause for the development of an addiction. While there are some risk factors such as genetics, family history, and the occurrence of traumatic events, each case is unique. That is why in 90210 recoveries, we do not believe in prefabricated formulas. We are the first Beverly Hills CA rehab center because we design a tailored treatment for each patient, adapted to their reality, and their needs.

  1. Outstanding Staff

Addictions are severe conditions that require specialized care. That's why at 90210 Recovery, we have made an effort to bring together the most extraordinary group of professionals who specialize in addiction. Here, you will have licensed master therapists, with extensive experience, who will guide you on your way to a new life. Besides, you will have a team focused on your recovery, including registered nurses available 24/7.

  1. Holistic Recovery

When looking for the best Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist, or you want to fight some other substance, for sure you want to get a lasting result in time. That's why our treatment goes far beyond a typical recovery. You will have a complete team that includes a medical doctor, psychiatrist, case manager, and full-time nursing staff.

Also, our holistic approach seeks to help you recover in all aspects of your life. In addition to treatment, you will receive yoga classes, physical therapy, boxing classes, group therapy, and much more. All this with the intention that you learn to have a full life, without the use of substances.

  1. Location

An essential aspect of a successful recovery is where the patient receives therapy. Our location was not selected at random. In designing 90210 Recovery, we set out to be the premier Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment center. So we sought out the best location in the area, with 5-star facilities, which provides a peaceful, calm environment for extraordinary recovery.

Trust the Best!

It's time for you or your loved one to get on the road to a beautiful life, free from addiction. 90210 Recovery is the premier addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills, and we are at your service. Let the real specialists support you by providing world-class service. Call or contact us to speak with an addiction treatment specialist.

Drug Treatment Center Beverly Hills
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